Karen Kerkoff Gromada photoOur third and fourth children were born exactly 10 minutes apart on March 9, 1977. Their births abruptly thrust our family into the wonderful, yet sometimes overwhelming, world of multiples. Despite guiding two older singletons through birth, breastfeeding, infancy and early childhood, I quickly learned that mothering multiples was an altogether different parenting experience. For this reason I started the first La Leche League (LLL) group for mothers breastfeeding multiples six months after their birth.

Although I wanted to help other mothers breastfeed multiples and find which parenting tips worked – and which ones didn’t, I also needed to be with the only other mothers I knew could truly understand what I and our family was going through but also understand why breastfeeding and attachment parenting still mattered. I’d already discovered that LLL meetings were the best place for the kind of reassurance I needed myself and wanted to share with other parents.

Our LLL group continues to meet today, all these years later. I still participate in those meetings. And I’m still constantly learning new ideas and techniques for handling an often more complicated pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and parenting situation from other mothers/parents of multiples. I no longer need to be with a group of mothers who understand why I’d want to breastfeed twins or why I’d want to practice an attachment style of parenting.