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Mothering MultiplesWelcome to this site for parents of twins, triplets and other multiple-birth children! My goal is to provide reassurance and affirmation for the increased effort it takes to lovingly nurture twins, triplets or more while actively promoting breastfeeding and attachment-style parenting concepts. I want each parent to develop a strong physical and emotional bond with each unique child within the set of multiples. Each of your twins, triplets, quads, quints or more deserves it – and so do you.

As a mother of five now adult children, three “singletons” and a set of monozygotic (MZ or identical) twin boys, I’ve experienced the different dynamic of parenting multiples and singletons. But personal experience only goes so far. In addition, I’ve been part of a group providing ongoing breastfeeding and parenting support for mothers of multiples for more than 30 years! That group and several online groups prevent me from forgetting the intense early weeks, months and years of parenting multiple-birth children! Mothering Multiples: Breastfeeding and Caring for Twins or More is the result of these mothers’ collective “in person” and online group experiences.

Relax and make yourself at home with this site. Let me know if there is other information you’d like to see here!